Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Long time no write...

Hello Friends and Family,
It has been a long time since my last entry. I can't even remember all the things that have happened. I wish I would have kept up with my blogging.

It is October and it definitely feels like fall here in southern California. It has been cool, grey, and rainy. This is not typical for SoCal. I'm over it. I'm ready for some sunshine.

Julie is having weight loss surgery on November 1, 2010. I am so excited for her. I had my surgery on December 23, 2009 and have lost 135lbs. Wow! Is that possible? I still have about 30lbs. to lose. My goal is to lose that weight by my next appointment in January. I haven't been exercising and I know I won't make my goal unless I get moving. I need to get motivated and back on track.

I will be in Ohio from Nov. 11-14. I won't be coming home for Thanksgiving and really wanted to see my family (especially Julie after her surgery). I will also be home for Christmas (Dec. 18-Jan.1). I am looking forward to going back to Ohio.

I hope to be writing again soon!


Rachel said...

Welcome back to blogging - I've missed hearing about your life and what your up to. Congrats about your awesome weight loss - you need to post some pictures for those of us who never get to see you! I'll be thinking of Julie and praying for her as her surgery approaches and after!

Sarah Hughes said...

I might be home that weekend! Will let you know if I am (in case you are around). Also, um, I think you owe us another long update about THIS MAN OF YOURS! :)